Do I have to refund my guests when they make a complaint?

Our Guest Refund Policy and Hospitality Standards help protect guests from things from things like last-minute host cancellations, lock-outs, and listings that are misrepresented, unsanitary, or lacking in promised amenities or items. If you don’t meet one or more of our Hospitality Standards, Timesroom may require you to refund a guest.

Does Timesroom screen users?

¿Timesroom investiga a los usuarios?

At Timesroom we strive to provide our hosts and guests with the right tools to make informed decisions regarding who they interact with on the site and in the real world. We don’t routinely perform background checks on Timesroom accounts—though we reserve the right to.

Timesroom offers a number of features that help build trust and cultivate a transparent community marketplace, including our secure messaging system, reviews, the Host Guarantee, and Verified ID.

We want to build the world’s most trusted community. To help ensure our members’ safety, we dedicate a knowledgeable and experienced team to monitor any suspicious activity in our marketplace.

You can help maintain the safety of our community by reporting suspicious or inappropriate activity on the site. We investigate each flag on a case-by-case basis and follow up as appropriate. Use the flag icon to report something to our team.

Guest Refund Policy

If you experience a travel issue that prevents you from being able to complete a trip with Timesroom, and you’re unable to resolve with your host, our Guest Refund Policy may be applied in certain circumstances.

Eligible travel issues

Situations that may be eligible for a refund under this policy generally fall into one of three categories:

  • The host fails to provide reasonable access to the booked listing.
  • The listing booked is misrepresented (ex: number of bedrooms, location, lacks promised amenities).
  • The listing isn’t generally clean, is unsafe, or there’s an animal in the listing that wasn’t disclosed prior to booking.

Timesroom will either provide you with a refund or use reasonable efforts to find and book you at another comparable accommodation for any unused nights left in your reservation. The amount of any refund will depend on the nature of the travel Issue suffered.

Submit a valid claim for refund

To submit a valid claim for your reservation, you are required to:

  • Contact us within 24 hours of check-in to document the issue and place a hold on the host’s payment. Include photographs or other evidence of the issue as part of your claim.
  • Be responsive to our requests for additional information and cooperation.
  • Not have directly or indirectly caused the Travel Issue.
  • Have used reasonable efforts to remedy the circumstances of the Travel Issue with the host prior to making a claim, including messaging your host on Timesroom to notify them of the issue. We’ll verify this in your account.

Review the Guest Refund Policy Terms for more details, including more information about the minimum quality standards for accommodations, and what qualifies as a travel issue.

How can I be a considerate guest?

Traveling with Timesroom provides an opportunity to stay in unique spaces and connect with other members of our community. Like millions of travelers before you, we hope you find that experiencing a destination like a local creates memories, stories, and a feeling of belonging no matter how far you journey from home.

To help you prepare, here are a few tips to help enhance your experience with your listing and your host.

Before you book

  • Share your story in the bio section of your profile, and get a Verified ID. Hosts prefer to know who’s asking to stay with them, and as a result you may have a better chance of your requests being accepted.
  • Timesroom has a diversity of listings, from shared rooms to entire homes. Make sure the space, house rules, and hosting style match your needs.
  • Spend some time reviewing your host’s listing to make sure the place is a good match for you.
  • Get a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of the listing by reading reviews from other travelers.
  • Feel free to contact a host with any questions you have about a listing.

Before your trip

  • Communicate clearly with your host about any expectations or special needs you may have.
  • Always let your host know if you’re likely to arrive late for check-in.

On your trip

  • Honor your commitments (including arrival time) and any house rules.
  • Enjoy your host’s home as if you were staying with friends. Be respectful of your neighbors.
  • Explore the neighborhood and support local businesses. It’s a great way to feel more like a local. Try asking your host about their favorite neighborhood spots!
  • Get your host’s permission before having guests over.
  • When in doubt, reach out to your host with any questions or problems that arise.

After your trip

  • Always leave an honest review for your host to help guide future guests. Timesroom is built on community, and your host will also be invited to leave a review for you.
How do I add or change my payout method?

To add a payment method:

  • Click on your name in the upper right corner of Timesroom.
  • Edit Account access.
  1. Select payment information.
  2. Payment methods and currencies available vary depending on the country where you are.

You can set different methods.

Here are some tips to add different payment methods:

  • International transfer: depending on where you are, you have to enter your account number or your IBAN. Your bank can provide you all this information. You may apply certain bank charges you to use this payment method.
  • PayPal: remember to activate your PayPal account before adding this payment method. Paypal accounts are email addresses.

To protect your privacy, do not include the full details of your bank account or payment messages you send to Timesroom.

How do I contact a host?

If you want to contact a host before booking a reservation or after a trip, send them a message on Timesroom. Once a trip is confirmed, you can message, email, or call the host to communicate until the trip has ended.

Before booking a reservation

If you want to find out more about a listing or host before booking a reservation, you can message the host on Timesroom. Make sure to review the listing page (for example, reviews and amenities) to clarify anything you need from the host.

To send a message:

  1. On, go to the listing for the host you want to contact.
  2. Click Contact Host on the listing page.
  3. Enter the dates and number of guests for your trip. You can adjust this information before booking.
  4. Write your message and click Send Message.

For your safety and privacy, you can’t call or email hosts before your reservation is accepted. Learn more about why it’s good to keep communication and transactions on Timesroom.

Once a trip is confirmed

If you have an accepted reservation, you can call or email the host, or message them on the site to communicate about your trip.

You can find the host’s email and phone number in the message thread for your trip, where you can also send the host a message.

After a trip

After a trip, you can send a message to your host in your Inbox if you have anything you need to follow up with them about.

If you have any issues that you need to resolve, you can work through payment issues in the Resolution Center on the site.

How do I use a coupon code?

If you want to use a coupon on a new Timesroom reservation, you can add it on the same page where you submit payment.

Find your coupon code

If you received a coupon from Timesroom, you will find the coupon in your email. At the moment, these coupons don’t automatically show up on

Use a coupon on a reservation

  1. On the checkout page for a reservation, click Coupon code near your subtotal.
  2. Enter your code.
  3. Click Apply.

There are a few things to know about using coupons:

  • Only one coupon can be used for a reservation.
  • If your coupon has expired, there is no way to re-activate it.
  • Coupons can only be used once. If you cancel a reservation that used a coupon, the coupon is also no longer valid.
  • We only accept coupons issued by Timesroom.
  • If you don’t use the full amount of a coupon, you won’t receive the difference.
  • Coupons can’t be applied retroactively.

Use travel credits

You can receive travel credits for referring people to travel or host on Timesroom. Unlike with coupons, these credits are automatically applied when you book a space.

There are a few things to know about using travel credits:

  • Travel credits can’t be combined with any other coupons.
  • Travel credits can only be used on qualifying reservations (usually $75 or more, before any guest fees or taxes).
  • You won’t receive any travel credits until the person you referred has completed a qualifying reservation on Timesroom.
How do I use PayPal to receive payouts?

PayPal is only available as an Timesroom payout method in certain countries at this time. To see if it’s available to you, look for it when you add a payout method. If PayPal appears for your selected country, you’ll be able to connect your existing PayPal account as a payout method.

Connecting your PayPal account

You need to have an existing PayPal account to successfully use PayPal as a payout method. Activate your PayPal account, which is associated with your email address, before adding it as an Timesroom payout method. Find out more about PayPal, including how to create an account, at

When you add PayPal as an Timesroom payout method, make sure that you enter the email address associated with your PayPal account correctly.

Receiving payouts

PayPal allows you to receive payouts directly to your PayPal account. Once the payout method is ready, Timesroom will deposit your payouts to your PayPal account and you can view and access your balance on PayPal’s website.

Timesroom releases payouts approximately 24 hours after the check-in date, and PayPal typically delivers the funds to your account within 1 business day.

How does Timesroom process payments?

Timesroom’s payment system is designed to make transferring money between guests and hosts as simple and reliable as possible. Here’s how it works:

  1. Guests pay Timesroom when they book a place
  2. Timesroom releases the money to hosts 24 hours after the guest checks in

Using Timesroom’s payment system is required to make a reservation, and it helps ensure that both parties are protected under our Terms of Service, cancellation policies, Guest Refund Policy, and other safeguards.

Timesroom automatically includes service fees in each transaction, and some government-required taxes where applicable.

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  • Prices & Fees
  • Payment Methods

Related topics for hosts:

  • How Payouts Work
  • Payout Preferences
I’m a host. Can Timesroom send my payouts by international wire transfer?

Never pay for your reservation outside of Timesroom. If someone asks you to pay for a reservation outside our on-site payment system, report it to us—just look for the flag icon in your message thread. Learn more.
If you’re a host, Timesroom can send you your payouts through international wire transfer. An international wire (or international wire transfer) is an electronic payment service for transferring funds. A wire transfer is considered international when Timesroom sends funds in a currency different from your local currency from a bank outside your country.

Your bank may charge a fee to receive a foreign currency. If the funds are transferred using an intermediate bank, the intermediate bank may also deduct fees from the payout. Timesroom can’t inform you on how much you’ll be charged to receive an international wire. In addition, Timesroom is not responsible for any fees deducted during the international wire, by your bank, or by the intermediary bank.

If you’re a host and want to receive your payouts via international wire, please enter your local banking information in your payout preferences, even if your bank works with a specific intermediary bank. Timesroom’s bank will take care of processing the international wire without the intermediary bank information.

I’m a guest. What are some safety tips I can follow?

Here are some tips to help you travel with confidence.

Read carefully

Look at the profiles and reviews of potential hosts before you book, and check for verified phone numbers, connected social networks, and references. If you’d like to see more, you can always ask them to complete profile verifications before booking with them, or look for hosts who already have a strong reputation on Timesroom.

It’s also a good idea to read everything the host has posted about their listing in the description, the amenities, and the house rules so there won’t be any surprises. Make sure you understand the host’s cancellation policy before submitting a reservation request, too.

Pay and communicate on Timesroom

Paying or communicating outside Timesroom makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues. That’s why we prohibit paying for a reservation outside our website in our Terms of Service and strongly encourage you to communicate using our messaging system.

Use our messaging system before a booking to confirm details about specific amenities, ask whether other people share the same space, discuss house rules, and talk about the neighborhood. After booking, use it to discuss check-in details.

Set clear expectations

After learning more about your host’s Timesroom history, start a conversation with them about your plans and what you can expect. Your host will likely know all the great (and not so great) spots. Trust your intuition: if you don’t feel right about a reservation, don’t book it! If a message makes you feel uncomfortable or you need help during your reservation, let us know.

Prepare for the unexpected

Research the neighborhood where you’ll be staying, familiarize yourself with major roads and landmarks, and have a plan for where you’d go in an emergency. If you’re covering long distances in your travels, make sure to tell your friends and family where you’ll be.

For any trip, think about signing up for traveler’s insurance. Timesroom doesn’t offer traveler’s insurance for guests, but traveler’s insurance is a relatively affordable option that can protect you in case of an injury or emergency on a trip. Some policies even cover lost baggage and travel delays. Check with your local insurance provider for details on your options.

Before booking international travel or traveling internationally, also be sure toconsult the relevant agencies in your government (for example the State Department for US citizens) for any travel warnings or travel advisories that may apply to countries or regions included in your travel plans.

Be a considerate guest

Whether you’re still looking for the perfect listing or are already on your way, being a considerate guest matters.

  • Remember: In an emergency situation, or if your personal safety is threatened, contact local police or emergency services immediately.
I’m traveling with children. What are some safety tips I should consider?

To ensure a listing has what you’ll need for kids, you can always message the host directly with questions before you book.

Safe Kids Worldwide, a global organization dedicated to preventing child injuries, provides an array of resources on child safety on its website.

This includes a series of simple tips on how to make a home safer for children. Below is a full list of the various home risks Safe Kids Worldwide identifies:

The safety of our hosts, guests, and any accompanying children is our highest priority. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first time guest, our safety tips will help you along the way.

What are host service fees?

To help cover the costs of processing guest payments, we charge hosts a 3% service fee every time a reservation is completed. The amount of this service fee is calculated from the reservation subtotal (before fees and taxes).

We also charge guests a guest service fee to cover the cost of running Timesroom.

Find the service fee

To see the amount of the service fee:

  1. Go to your Transaction History on
  2. Click on the reservation code next to the reservation you’re interested in
  3. Under Payout, you’ll see Timesroom Service Fee

You’ll also be able to view the service fee in the message thread with the guest under Payments

VAT charges on service fees

Depending on the laws of the jurisdiction involved, VAT may be charged on top of the service fee. The service fee will include these VAT charges when applicable.

Note: Accommodation fees are charged to the guest directly by the host and may contain local taxes (including VAT).

What are the service fees?

Our system only processes whole numbers, and all fees and totals are rounded to the nearest whole amount.

Service fees

Service fees are calculated from the reservation subtotal, excluding any security deposit amount. The subtotal is the complete price of the reservation before service fees have been added. If you change your reservation, the service fees adjust according to the new subtotal.

Guest service fee

We add a percentage-based service fee to guest payments every time a reservation is booked. This helps cover the cost of running our site and services.

The exact percentage depends on the subtotal of the reservation. The higher the subtotal, the lower the percentage so you can save money when booking large reservations. You’ll see the exact amount in the price breakdown on the checkout page before you confirm and pay, and on your billing receipt.

If you cancel a reservation you booked as a guest, the service fee is non-refundable. If your reservation is canceled by the host and you choose to be refunded, the service fee is refunded in full.

Host service fee

We deduct a 3% service fee from host payouts every time a reservation is booked at their listing. This helps cover the cost of processing guest payments.

You can see the exact amount by clicking on the reservation code in your Transaction History from the desktop version of Timesroom.


Depending on the country of residence of the host or guest, VAT on the service fees may be included as an additional amount over and above the total Timesroom service fee. Your guest or host service fee includes VAT, when applicable.

Conversion fee

An exchange rate that includes a 3% currency conversion fee also applies to guests if they’re browsing the site and paying in their native currency (according to the payment method’s billing address) and that currency differs from the host’s chosen currency.

What happens when I involve Timesroom in my Resolution Center request?

If you’ve opened a Resolution Center request, and you’re having trouble reaching an agreement with your host or guest, you’ll have the option to involve Timesroom.

When you choose to involve Timesroom, our team will be notified and a dedicated team member will be assigned to your case. They’ll review the information provided by you and your host or guest, before making a final decision. Their decision will be based on our policies and the documentation provided by you and your host or guest. In some cases, we may need to contact you to gather additional information, before we can make a decision.

While we’re always happy to help, it may take more time to reach a solution when Timesroom is asked to intervene. Because of this, we recommend only choosing to involve Timesroom if you’re unable to work things out with your host or guest directly.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Timesroom’s decision may not align with the solution you were hoping for. By asking to involve Timesroom you’re agreeing to accept the final decision that we reach.

Once a decision is made, we’ll be able to process the refund or payment on your behalf.

What is the Resolution Center?

You can request a refund from your host by visiting.

If you’re unable to reach an agreement, you can ask Airbnb to make the final decision 72 hours after you requested your refund. The option to involve Airbnb will appear in the Resolution Center at this time.

What is Timesroom’s Anti-Discrimination Policy?

Timesroom is an open marketplace. Through their experiences on Timesroom, we hope that our guests and hosts build meaningful connections with people from all over the globe.

To that end, we prohibit content that promotes discrimination, bigotry, racism, hatred, harassment or harm against any individual or group, and we require all users to comply with local laws and regulations.

Many countries, including the U.S., have laws preventing discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation, or age. In the U.S., anti-discrimination laws apply to discrimination by any inn, hotel, motel, or other establishment that provides lodging to guests. The two main federal laws in this area are the Fair Housing Act (Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968) (FHA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination in public accommodations on the basis of disability, which may include things such as access and service dogs.

In addition, fair housing laws often prohibit discrimination in the selling or renting of such housing based on race, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or disability.

As a host, you should be familiar with the laws that apply to you and your listing.

If you believe a listing or person on the site is in violation of this position, learn how to report it.

What is Verified ID?

We created the Verified ID process to build trust in our community and help give you more information when you’re deciding who to host or stay with.

How Verified ID works

Verified ID connects your Timesroom profile with other information about you. As part of Verified ID, you might be asked to:

  1. Take a photo or upload an image of your government-issued ID, such as your driver’s license or passport. Depending on where you live, you may have the option of answering a few questions about yourself instead.
  2. Connect another online profile to your Timesroom account, such as a Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account.
  3. Upload an Timesroom profile photo and provide a phone number and email address.

Visit to get started at any time.

When you’ll need to complete it

Under certain circumstances, you might be required to complete Verified ID. For example, hosts can require that guests complete Verified ID before booking their place.

If your host requires you to complete Verified ID, you’ll be directed to complete the process right after you send your reservation request, and will have 12 hours to complete it. If you need to come back later, go to and pick up where you left off.

The Verified ID badge


When you complete Verified ID, you’ll earn a badge on your profile. Many hosts and guests look for this badge when deciding whether to host or stay with someone—but it’s not an endorsement or guarantee of someone’s identity.

Privacy and encryption

We take privacy seriously. The information you provide during this process is encrypted and governed by our Privacy Policy.

We won’t share the government ID or personal details you provide during Verified ID with your host or guest—they’ll only know that you’ve successfully completed the process. And we’ll never post to your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or other connected accounts without your permission.

When do I get paid?

Timesroom releases your payout about 24 hours after your guest’s scheduled check-in time. The time it takes for the funds to arrive in your account depends on your payout method.

If your guest is staying for longer than 29 nights, payouts for that reservation are released monthly.

Payout status

To check the status of your payout, visit your Transaction History. Once we’ve sent your payout, a “Payout” line item appears for that reservation.

If you have a minimum payout amount set, your payout won’t be released until that amount is met. If you have multiple listings with check-ins on the same day, any funds going to the same payout method will be deposited as a single payout.

Processing time

After Timesroom releases the payout, it takes some additional time for the money to get to you.

The average processing time for each payout method is:

  • ACH / Direct deposit: Up to 3 business days
  • Bank transfer or international wire: 3–7 business days
  • PayPal: Within 1 business day
  • Western Union: 1 business day (US Pacific Time)
  • Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card: Within 1 business day

Weekend or holiday delays

Many banking systems don’t process transactions on weekends or holidays. If your payout from Timesroom is completed between Friday and Sunday, it might not be processed until the next week.

If you have any questions about processing time after your Timesroom transaction history shows a payout as completed, contact your payment processor directly.