Getting Started

How it Works

A Community Built on Sharing

Timesroom began in 2016, when a young entrepreneur wanted to improve the way we travel and new experiences in unique places in the world. Today, millions of hosts and travelers are encouraged to create a free account in Timesroom to your ads and book unique accommodations around the world.


  • Profiles
    No two hosts or travelers are the same, so personal Timesroom profiles help hosts and guests learn more about each other before sharing a space. Timesroom doesn’t display full names or contact information on public profiles, so the community can feel confident that their information is safe.
  • Listings
    From futons on the floor to castles on the hilltop, each Timesroom listings is unique. Search results feature entire homes, private rooms, and shared rooms at every price point. Hosts describe their space in detail, including available amenities and arrival and departure times, and guests leave reviews about their experience.
  • Host Groups and Community Meetups
    Timesroom helps its community stay connected through online forums and real-life meetups. Timesroom Groups gives hosts an online space to come together to share stories, insights, and advice. Both hosts and guests use Timesroom Meetups to find like-minded locals and travelers in every corner of the world.

 Trusted Services

  • Timesroom helps make sharing easy, enjoyable, and safe. We verify personal profiles and listings, maintain a smart messaging system so hosts and guests can communicate with certainty, and manage a trusted platform to collect and transfer payments.


    • Verifications
      Timesroom puts hosts and travelers at ease with features like Verified ID and public reviews. Having a Verified ID indicates that you’ve completed a specific set of verifications—offline ID, online ID, profile photo, email address, and phone number. Hosts and guests also build trust and cultivate their reputations by writing reviews about their experiences after each trip.
    • Messaging
      Our messaging system ensures that communication between hosts and guests stays on Timesroom so your contact information remains private until you have a confirmed reservation. For your peace of mind, we’ve added reporting features so you can easily notify us if you ever feel uncomfortable.
    • Payment System
      Our convenient payment system supports many currencies and several types of payment and payout methods. Timesroom collects guest payments from the moment they make a reservation and waits until 24 hours after arrival before releasing funds to the host. This way, guests and hosts can feel confident knowing that Timesroom will process and deliver payments when a reservation is honored.


    • 24/7 Customer Support

      Whether you’re traveling or hosting, we’re here for you before, during, and after your experience. We’ve answered the most common questions about Timesroom in our Help Center, and for everything else you can contact us by visiting


How to Host


List Your Space

We encourage you to share all kinds of spaces on Timesroom! Whether you’re offering a seaside villa or an air mattress in the corner of your living room, it’s free to list your space. When you’re ready to start welcoming guests, you can publish your listing for the world to see.


  • Description and amenities

    Guests often search for spaces that meet specific needs, so accurately describing your listing and the amenities you offer will help attract the kinds of guests that are best for you. When telling the story of your space, answer important questions like whether or not you have Wifi, and include helpful details about the character, activities, and transportation options in the surrounding area.

  • Photos

    Photographs help guests picture themselves in your space. Go ahead and upload up to 24 images, and make sure your photos are well lit, in focus, and representative of the actual space your guests have access to.

    We love lush imagery!

  • You know your space and your schedule best, so we let you decide the price and we ask you to update your calendar to reflect when it’s available to rent.

Respond to Requests

Guests who love your space will want to book it! On Timesroom, you have the option to require guests to send a reservation request or allow certain guests to book your space instantly through Instant Book.


  • Manage your calendar

    Edit your calendar settings to control when and for how long guests can book your space.

  • Simplify with Instant Book

    If you prefer to set criteria to allow certain guests to book your space without having to wait for your approval, you can choose to use our Instant Book feature.

Welcome Your Guests

Once you have a confirmed reservation, it’s time to prepare for your guests! From tidying your space and coordinating key exchange to greeting your guests and giving them neighborhood tips, hosting on Timesroom is an artform.


  • Preparing your space

    Give your guests a clean space to come home to and make sure they have everything they’ll need for a comfortable stay, whether it’s an extra set of towels, cream and sugar for coffee, maps to find their way, or instructions for how to access the internet. If you like, you can make their stay extra special by surprising them with a bottle of wine or hand-written welcome note. To learn more about what it means to be a host, visit our Hospitality Standards

  • Coordinating arrival and departure

    Use our messaging system to arrange the details of your guest’s arrival and departure. Let your guest know if you’ll greet them in person or tell them where they can find your key.

  • Being available during your guest’s stay

    During reservations, be available to help remedy any issues that may arise. If you’ll be out of the area, provide your guests with a designated and reliable point of contact.

  • Writing reviews

    Genuine reviews are the cornerstone of Timesroom’s trusted community. You have 14 days to write a review and share comments about your experience with your guest. Your guest also has the opportunity to review you and your space, too!

How to Travel


Timesroom hosts share their spaces in 190 countries and more than 34,000 cities. All you have to do is enter your destination and travel dates into the search bar to discover distinctive places to stay, anywhere in the world.


    • Tools that help you search
      We display photos of listings, host profiles, and reviews to help you make informed decisions when considering a host’s space. We’ve also created search filters so you can narrow your results by type of accommodation, price, and location. For example, if you’re looking to make friends and stay with a host, select Private Room or Shared Room. Or if you’re looking for an entire space to call your own, go ahead and select the Entire Place filter.
    • Contacting hosts to book a stay
      Once you complete your profile to give hosts a good idea of the kind of guest you are, you can request to book a host’s space by clicking the Contact Host or Request to Book buttons, or you can use Instant Book to confirm your stay without having to wait for a host’s approval.


    There are a few ways to book spaces on Timesroom. Some hosts want to get to know a guest before they confirm a reservation while others prefer to reduce the time it takes to manage requests by using Timesroom’s Instant Book feature.


    • Buttons to book a stay on Timesroom
      The Request to Book button sends a reservation request to a host for the specific trip dates you select. The host has the option to either accept or decline the request, or ask you questions about your trip. When a host responds to your request, we send you an email to let you know. If they don’t respond within 24 hours, your request simply expires.
      The Instant Book “RESERVE NOW” button immediately confirms your reservation and closes the host’s calendar to other incoming requests. We send you a receipt by email with yourtrip’s details, and your host may follow up with you, too.
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    • The Contact Host button lets you start aconversation about their space and hosting stylethrough our secure messaging system.
    • You can use our messaging system to discuss trip details, request special prices, or ask about specific amenities.mensajeria_servicios_0
    • Payment and confirmation
      Whether you use the Request to Book button or the Instant Book button, we’ll ask for your payment details so we can hold your reservation.
      If you use the Request to Book button to send a request, the host has 24 hours to respond. We won’t charge your payment method until the host accepts your reservation. Once the host accepts, we process your payment and send you a congratulatory email that includes your receipt, trip details, and best wishes for a great trip. If you don’t hear back within 24 hours, your request automatically expires.
      If you use the Instant Book button, your reservation will be immediately confirmed and we’ll process your payment right away.


Once you know where you’re traveling and whose space you’ll be staying in, all you have to do is get going!

  • Before you get there
    Send a message to your host to arrange a check-in time and arrival details like picking up the key. Then download the Timesroom app so you can stay in the know while on the go.
    We’ll send you an email that includes your trip itinerary, receipt, and host contact information.
  • We encourage you to have the time of your life! Enjoy your host’s home and city as if it were a friend’s, and remember to be considerate of your neighbors. If any issues arise during your trip, be sure to get in touch with your host. In most cases, they’ll be the person best equipped to help you. If your host can’t solve the problem, please contact us.
  • After you travel
    Write a review about your host and their space so other travelers can learn through your experience. Your host will also have a chance to write a review for you, too. Then, pick the next place you’d love to go and find a space on Timesroom!